sâmbătă, 17 mai 2014



The scope of this blog is mainly related to the creation and maintenance of the iOS apps I'm currently developing.

I'm an idea enthusiast who dreams of one day integrating all my passions into a bigger project. In this sense, I have enrolled into a PhD program in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with an original research proposition based on Pattern Recognition algorithms, besides my daily iOS work. This also gives me the wonderful opportunity to teach, which is both an inspiring and a cleansing experience.

I'm a technology, psychology and (soon to be) PR graduate, and I feel that creating, developing and promoting mobile applications allows me to integrate all these directions into small projects - small gems, which both delight and help people. The result, purpose and interface of an app mean more to me than the actual coding process, and this is actually what my fuel is in the development process: purpose.

Personally, I'm an immense cat lover - I believe cats are mysterious and fascinating creatures who can teach us all what healthy, self-loving dedication is! Also, I'm a big fan of all high-intensity sports, and I especially enjoy (both watching and doing) sprinting runs. I'm a huge MEAT fan, and for this I must apologise to my vegetarian friends: I love you, but I will never understand you.

I'm grateful to be surrounded, both physically and virtually, by amazing friends from all over the world. Speaking about the world, my favourite city is mighty, colourful London (where all s#!t happens!), where I had both the luck and the pleasure to stay for one year while doing my master's, and where I will return soon, accompanied by the love of my life, Adrian.

See you soon!

All my love,